The Seafare of Williamsburg was established in 1976 by Nick Saras and his family. They had one goal in mind and that was to create a restaurant that focused on the highest quality in food and service. A staple in those days of what the industry should be – that mindset has not changed for the Seafare in 36 years. Till this day the success of the Seafare is contributed to that philosophy.

Fresh Seafood has been our trademark and more importantly the proper handling of the product. Bringing it in daily and checked by our chef's piece by piece, we open our doors and from the kitchen to table the product is handled with care and specific preparation.

Our way is it's fresh so there is no reason to cover and disguise our product. We have built a menu that will be and has been able to withstand guests want and feel what they need. From there, service is the key. Eating is one of the prime essentials and enjoyables of life. We train our staff to be aware that when guests come through our doors we are responsible for a dining experience they will never forget.

We have just been awarded the Dirona Award (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) and our family looks forward to serving your family.